30th, 2020 Development Update 2 days ago Posted by: Microsoft Flight Simulator Team april

30th, 2020 Development Update 2 days ago Posted by: Microsoft Flight Simulator Team april

Screenshot by RentalCanoe6839

Once we bring April to an in depth, the group stays centered on the core deliverables necessary to bring the second iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator to advertise. Having said that, we additionally recognize the necessity of other people deliverables that numerous of you within the community value so we wished to set aside a second to supply a status change on many of these:


The group happens to be taking care of updating the DR. We have been pushing to produce an updated DR on 05.07.


The current wellness challenges have added a bit of a delay to your Partnership Series updates. Once we continue steadily to sort out this situation with your lovers, the team is excited to formally announce that the next Partnership Series Spotlights will feature – NAVBLUE, meteoblue, and FlightAware. We expect you’ll provide a schedule for whenever we shall be releasing each spotlight within our 05.07 improvement, together with the next pair of Partnership Series Spotlights we have been about to announce.


The group is focusing on 05.07 to offer an enhance regarding the SDK work.

Though many of us are working through an original and challenging situation, our dedication to provide the extremely most readily useful Flight Simulation experience in collaboration because of the community continues to be strong. Whether publishing towards the discussion boards, supplying Alpha build feedback, commenting on posted screenshots, debating runway undulations, talking about inaccurate reporting, or simply just checking up on the… that is latest many thanks. Bringing people together, no matter if to debate, is just a way that is great of individuals connected in a period when many of us are divided from one another. This community that individuals share together, happens to be a source that is incredible of and inspiration towards the group.

Wishing every body, your friends and relations, the top of health and wellbeing.


Let me reveal an upgrade from the current postponed deliverables:

  • MAY/JUNE – Partnership Series enhance shall be released.
    • FlightAware
    • Meteoblue
  • MAY – EPISODE 8 (IFR) will undoubtedly be released.


The group happens to be all in all last screening on the future Alpha 1.3.X. X create. Among the many updates that are content bug repairs incorporated into this create, we have been excited to produce the Boeing 747 for community assessment. Much like the Airbus A320, we are going to offer the community detailed develop notes upon launch.

The group continues to be monitoring to produce in the next 7-10 times.

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